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The concept of manufacturing of numerous kinds of goods/products has been very old since & ever since the demand of various kinds of goods has taken a hike in market, products have been coming out into the market in a very quick succession offering a vast variety to the consumers. Although the products look similar to each other if they are in same category but in order to give a different look to the product and to create a better and far more positive image of product in eyes of the consumer the concept of branding came into existence to differentiate products and create a high class image of the products (Chris, 2009).

Soon after the concept of branding came into existence, many brands started coming into the market with their own collection of goods hence they used the concept of brand positioning to make their target perceive that the brand has really linked to high image and profile. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and many others are now well known and their products are considered to be of high quality and for people who are wealthy enough to afford them (Ralph, 2008).

Although all the brands work on their own collection, focusing on the designs and patterns they wish to adopt and work on but at times due to many brands already out in the market, some of the brands end up copying each other’s ideas by coming up with similar kind of products but offered by two different brands (Al-fresco, 2009).  The similarity of the brands can be in appearance, sound, behavior etc.

This concept is recently known as Brand Mimicry in which brands imitate or copy each other’s ideas and to gain market advantage and attract large number of customers to their branded products. There are basically three common forms of Brand Mimicry such as Wicklerian, Vavilovian and Bakerian but the prime focus of this paper is on Bakerian Mimicry.

Bakerian Mimicry’s concept was introduced by Herbert G. Baker who related his findings with flowers. In his view, female flowers mimic male flowers of their own species. Furthermore this mimicry is not observed readily as they have copied something from their own species which are similar to what they are (Baker, 1998).

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