Sample Essay

In terms of Food & Beverages, Nestle and Kraft’s food INC both have been working on similar ideas and mostly it is been observed that both companies imitate whatever they introduce into the market. For example, Nestle recently came up with a chicken spread for school going children and soon Kraft foods launched their chicken spread targeting not only towards school children but also the working adults who prefer having light diet during lunch hours.

Philips and Brawn are two big brands that are engaged into manufacturing of household appliances. Both brands keep on researching excessively on coming up with more advance technologies in household appliances and end up copying each other ideas which eventually make their product line up totally similar.

Philips and Braun both are electronic companies manufacturing household electronic range of goods. From the picture above we can clearly assume that both companies mimicry their product range as there is not much options to come up with any unique product.

Brand mimicry is just like a war between brands and often creates confusions among the customers that which brand they should choose and which one they should let go. However brands must work on idea’s that are not imitated by other brands. Apple with its iPod showed the world brands that there are certain ideas that can never be imitated (Smith, 2007).


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