Sample Essay

The Brand Promise communicates the major objective that the brand intends to deliver to the targeted consumer. A brand promise must be comprehensive, user friendly and compelling. Other marketing analysts have also agreed on the fact that any new brand which is on the run to upstream differentiation must possess other features such as; uniqueness, endearing, differentiating and admirable. 13, 17, 21, 27 According to Walvus, (2008) in Three laws of branding: Journal of Brand Management, he argues that the ideal benefit to claim in a brand promise has the following three qualities: (1) competitors are not addressing it (2) the brand’s organization is uniquely suited to delivering it and (3) it is extremely important to the target the consumer. 33

The producers’ brand promise should drive everything an organization does and be manifest at each point of contact the brand makes with the consumer. The goal of any durable development in brand positioning is to exercise and develop a brand promise that is unique, believable and compelling. 10 The producers’ brand’s promise must be based upon customer, competitor and internal insight. This can be achieved through qualitative and quantitative research and an honest assessment of internal strengths, weaknesses, core competencies and strategic intent. 2, 15

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