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In terms of a better buying of any product, let us say for instance in a form of customer advocacy, brand support which is initiated towards direct and downstream customers, plays a major pivotal role in influencing consumers’ behavior and opinions towards manufacturers.12 Better to note that major regulations are also based on the fact that the terms of traceability which aim to protect the final consumer. Besides, extensive customer research has further shown that, today b2b and b2c customers are usually quicker to take either a positive or a negative action towards a certain brand. These finally determine their final move to make decisions of buying products besides expressing their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the experiences. 27 When customers play a role of selecting their product supplier from among a number of other suppliers, then it can be stated that at that point, one has attained a form of advocacy. This in return will give the supplier the most improved and a higher spend share and in addition to other future purchase intents that may be possible. 28

Brand support should therefore aim to incorporate opinions which are formed from customers’ contact and other market transactional experiences, for instance, suppliers should always ensure that a better support is built on a foundation of a well laid and easily executed strategic, positive purchase and communication behavior.17 On the governments side, all this results when the customer thinks highly of a supplier, actively interacts with other products about the personal value and benefit received from the relationship and not only purchases consistently from that supplier over others, but also forms an emotional bond and enhanced levels of involvement. 29 When suppliers offer brand support to direct and downstream customers, this form part of the beneficiation initiative that both parties will continue to facilitate.19

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