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There are various kinds and brands of cheerleading shoes available in the market. Nfinitiy Genesis Cheerleading shoe tops the most popular list. It is especially designed for spring floor competitions. It comes with its signature energy band which is designed to help arch and stumbling. It weighs 6.8 ounces and is made of mesh and soft cotton to help bring flexibility. The Nike Air controller shoe is yet another popular brand but they fall apart very easily. The full grain leather upper with double lasted forefoot has been instilled to provide a stable base.

It also comes with forefoot flex grooves and midfoot shank for smooth transaction while moving laterally. Other prospect, smart purchase could be the Champion Cheerleading shoes. They have been manifested for high performance. The shoes are made up of soft full-grain leather and they tend to be tough wear. It’s Dri-Lex sole lining has been especially installed there in to keep moisture away and ensure that the feet are fresh and dry. Then there is the Adidas Sequence. The styling and dynamic performance leaves no stone unturned in making this shoe, a clear cut choice for every cheerleader on the block. It comes with patented heel and forefoot that have been put in place to help shock absorption. In the words of their CEO “The shoe features a sturdy rubber outsole and includes heel notch for easier gripping and holding. Snap logos for team customization.” (Top Picks for Cheerleading Shoes)

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