Sample Essay

With the progression of the three battles in which Beowulf takes part, he accomplishes more material goods. In the first encounter that takes place against Grendel, he kills him without the use of any weapons. In the second battle against Grendel’s mother, he makes use of the sword. He does not only rely on this sword but when it fails him, he uses a giant’s sword that was found in the warren. Eventually, in the last battle, he becomes even more dependent and necessitates Wiglaf to help him. As can be seen in the poem, as soon as he starts depending on material goods, Beowulf starts getting weaker and weaker. He stops believing in his spiritual faith and his own power and depends more on material goods. This basically can be said to be the weakness of Beowulf as well as his undoing in particular. This is made clear by the storyteller at the conclusion of the story when he tells us of the buried treasure as now something which is as “useless as it was before.” (Killenback, p.1).


In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that Beowulf is a poem that was written in the Old English by an unknown author somewhere around the seventh or the eighth century. The poem tells us about the bravery of Beowulf who is the hero of the poem and kills dragons and giants so as to save people from harm. He was a fair fighter, but later on his motivation changes and he focuses more on riches and goods and eventually dies because of his pride even though he had been warned by his followers not to fight against a monster at this old age.

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