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Among various types of cancers, lung cancer is the one type that has been the most common type on a global scale. Breast cancer is the kind that is seen to be prevalent in the women at a comparatively lower rate as compared to the lung cancer and has been rated as the second most common cancer type on a global scale.

Breast cancer is the kind that has been seen to spread in the inner linings of the milk ducts in the women. The types of breast cancer are seen to be dependent upon the aggressiveness of the diseases, the genetic makeup of an individual as well as the stage of cancer. There are many causes for breast cancer that have been listed however the most common ones include the age, hormones, high fat diet, family history if someone in the family had a history of breast cancer, obesity, intake of alcohol, the environmental factors that are inclusive of smoking, tobacco usage as well as an exposure to the radiation (Rigby, Morris, Lavelle, Stewart, and Gatrell, 2002, p. 309).

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