Sample Essay


“What is called good society is usually nothing but a mosaic of polished caricatures”

–Friedrich Schlegel

The poem “The Rape of the Lock”, which was written by Alexander Pope is a mock-epic poem. Right at the beginning of the poem, the poet has identified it as a “heroi-comical poem”. These types of poems basically are a mockery of humans and the society in which they live. In the poem under consideration, the poet has depicted petty humans as well as trivial matters as extremely extraordinary. Exaggeration plays a great role in the poem and it is a mockery of the materialistic society. On the other hand, The Importance of Being Earnest is also a story which mocks the society, the marriage institution and basically the aristocratic English society. The nifty play scoffs at the notions of the upper classes, and love in the Victorian society, and brings up the issues of taking up all imperative affairs of life with valid and solemn frivolity.

The Rape of the Lock revolves around Belinda, whose guardian sylph warns her of disaster but she ignores it and gets ready to go for a party. At the party, there is a man called Baron, who has decided to cut off a lock of Belinda’s hair. The people at the party enjoy a game of cards, which has been defined by the poet as a battle. Eventually, Baron takes away a lock of Belinda’s hair, which infuriates her and here begins a scuffle between the ladies and the gentlemen in which Belinda tries retrieving her lock of hair, but it is lost.

The play The Importance of Being Earnest is about Jack Worthing and another individual, Algy who have bent the truth a little in order to create some excitement in their lives. Jack proposes Algy’s aunts daughter, she accepts but tells him that she wishes to marry something by the name of Ernest. Later her mother question Jack a lot and finds him lacking in social status. Algy on the other hand takes up the name Ernest, when he visits Cecily who is Worthing’s youthful and fine-looking ward, Cecily at the country mansion. The lies of both Algy and Jack are exposed and things turn out to be askew for them when they both turn up in the country together, ominous to blemish their passionate pursuits.

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