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     The first tanks were introduced into battle in the year 1916. Before the introductions of tanks, armored cars were being used everywhere that did not have any of the capabilities of tanks. The first British tanks were put to use on 15th of September, 1916 in battle (The WWI Tanks, p.1).

Strengths and Weaknesses

     The strengths and weaknesses of British tanks in the World War I go side by side. The first and most basic strength of the tanks was that their existence scared the Germans, and they had not been put out of action without more ado, and the first most successful use of tanks was in the Battle of Cambrai, in which “Certain of the tanks were equipped with massive wood fascines to aid trench crossing or special ‘grapnels’ to aid wire removal” (Battle of Cambrai: 1917, p.1). Mass tank attacks proved to be very helpful for the British and the advtanges of such attacks were known by the British. In the Battle of Arras, a number of tanks were used so as to break the heavy barbed wires. This battle basically began with a mass attack of British tanks (Battle of Arras, p.1). On the other hand, the tanks had their weaknesses as well. First of all the view slits were so thin that it was nearly impossible to see much during movement and they became targets of the gunshots of enemies.  Moreover the exhaust made too much nose and the heat caused by it could have set alit the fuel tank. Another issue raised was the amount of mud that got into the treads and blocked them up” (The WWI Tanks, p.1). Because of these weaknesses, the British faced many problems in the Battle of Somme.


     In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that the British tanks in the World War I had their specific weaknesses and strengths that lead them to success as well as disappointment in certain battles.

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