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Building the DHL culture starts with the hiring of employees. Tom Snowberger, Senior Vice President of Human Resources for DHL Express, says “We look in part for people who have come from service organizations and who have demonstrated through their positions or actions where they’ve made a difference in a customer’s life. And it’s not only about serving the end customer, it’s also about serving the internal customers who ultimately serve the end customer”( Integrated Strategies: DHL Builds a Service Culture to Support Its Brand). Therefore, people who have a sense of accountability towards customers, colleagues and DHL are hired.

DHL has a unique carrots culture based on the “carrot philosophy—a strategic method for creating a culture of engagement and retention based on the bestselling Carrots business leadership books by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton” (Training for results, 2007). Using these carrots DHL has been able to successfully engage and retain its employees. Recognition sits at the heart of the carrot culture practiced by DHL. Joan Kelly, vice president, recognition program creator says, “We want the recognition culture to be infectious, for everybody to have it”(cited in Training for results, 2007). Embedded in the concept of recognition is the concept of service to the customer. Employees that will serve the customer better will get recognition, or managers that will ensure resources or take customer centric steps would be recognized by others. Recognition in DHL is based holistically, an employee can be recognized by peers, subordinates and managers. This helps to strengthen the culture of customer service within the organization.

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