Sample Essay

Max Weber’s six point ideal type model provided the foundations for the bureaucratic model of organizations. It required organizations to incorporate rigid structural hierarchies, specific specialized skills, strong authority, written formal communications and standard operating procedures in their system. The 20th century posed new challenges to organizations and challenged the traditional bureaucratic management structures.

The new era brought with it increased global competition through international trade. An era where business organizations were not restricted to national boundaries but operational across the globe. Yet needed to accomplish goals of the same organization, even though, dispersed beyond national boundaries. Therefore, the communication gap needed to be filled as the employees needed to make prompt and correct decisions. There was also the need to empower employees and initiate informal communication methods within the organization. The external environment of the organization plays a major role in impacting the internal environment of the organizations that are operational today. There is increased effect of socio-political, legal and economic forces that effect organizations on a global scale. These organizations have a top down pyramid of organizational hierarchy. Wherein, customer is king and front line employees, the foremost face of the company to the end customer. Therefore, the shift from the bureaucratic organization to the flexible organization was inevitable in the changing dynamics of work.

The five principles of Mcdonaldization as presented by George Ritzer are efficiency, calculability, predictability, increased control, and substitution of non-human for human technology. These factors are changing the way we think, act and perceive the world around us. Businesses are becoming cost efficient and the customer is happy to pay more and does more work. Quantity is generally being preferred over quality in business and personal matters. Change is to be expected to be only natural and is to be predicted. The human touch is being taken away from everything because the human factor is considered to bring in unreliability to business processes. Technology is driving our personal and organizational lives today and eating away our power to think.

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