Some of the signs to watch out for that will reveal burn-out in caregivers include (Uchitel, 2009):

  1. Sleeping difficulties – This is sign of exhaustion. The caregivers should be able to seek help and if possible, there should be more than one so that they work in shifts.
  2. Withdrawal – Due to a lot of stress and depression associated with the work that they do, caregivers may alienate themselves from their family, friends and hobbies that they may have once enjoyed. In other words, his/ her own needs are neglected.
Exhaustion – Caregivers can be extremely worn out and this may affect their productivity from day to day.
  1. Failing health – Caregivers may themselves start to develop ailments that are associated with the adverse effects of depression and exhaustion.
  2. Weight loss or gain – stress usually affects the emotional stability of an individual and they can either lose appetite thus losing weight or find comfort in food, thus gaining weight and becoming overweight.
  3. Lack of concentration/ alertness – Caregivers usually have what is known as a “brain overload” or “mental block” because their minds are filled with so many things that they feel they need to do or haven’t done due to the huge workload.

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