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The business culture in Singapore is Pro Western as most of the European and American companies have established their Asia Pacific head offices in Singapore hence the culture remains the one which is followed in US and European countries.
The culture is mainly comprising of strict commitments that are made and is unlikely the one which is followed in Asian countries of China, Hong Kong and Korea. American and European companies work on their prescribed rules and guidelines and stick to their word of mouth.

The deals that are made between different companies follow American laws though they resemble Singapore law which is just similar to the laws followed in the US. In terms of breach of agreements or any deal signed, the steps of prosecution and its procedures too resemble the US laws.
For Instance, the working timings are normally from 9am to 6pm and people are not encouraged or forced to work overtime but are encouraged to spend the later evening hours with their families or friends so that an equilibrium can be established and mind remains fresh and active after hectic working hours.

Singaporeans are very much concerned about the behavior or the manners of the individuals living in the society. They follow the concept of paying respect and earning respect and do not intervene into arguments of others at all. The country has been offering fair and equal rights to all the residents and has zero percent tolerance for extremist views. Due to this, there are no protests or rallies taking place in Singapore. The state is peaceful and respects the rights and cultures of all the residents from different races or culture.
The practice of shaking hands is observed all over the country which promotes brotherhood and equality among the residents. Chewing of gums or pans is strictly prohibited in the country which eventually leads to littering and unhealthy environments on streets and neighborhoods.
The main religion is which followed in Singapore is Buddhism. The Chinese people of high majority practice Buddhism but there are other Chinese people too that embrace Christianity as their religion. Muslims are found in very less number as well as Indians practicing Hinduism.

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