Sample Essay

The research will involve both qualitative and quantitative analysis.  First, an qualitative analysis of government and business documentation regarding information terrorism will be reviewed in order to formulate a definition of the problem from a public and policy perspective.  By reviewing publicly available documents and conducting select interviews with public and business  officials who have responsibilities in dealing with information terrorism, the researcher will attempt to discern what the governmental and institutional approach to the problem consists of, including the definitional elements and basic policy outlines.  This portion of the study will be conducted through critical analysis of documentation using comparative case studies.

The quantitative study will be conducted to determine the definition of information terrorism which exists in the public perception. In order to make this analysis the researcher will use the previous data from forums and surveys and will develop the conclusion on the basis of former studies. Because the study is exploratory, the researcher believes that this approach will yield useful initial information which may be used to express findings for additional research.

Data will be collected and analyzed using appropriate statistical frameworks.  Although the survey instrument has yet to be developed, it is expected that it will include Likert-scale coding for questions to gauge the level and extent of knowledge for respondents and this will determine the statistical procedures utilized.

The analysis is expected to address the extent to which public perceptions match governmental definitions regarding various elements of the policy approach and definition of information terrorism.  By providing data regarding these concepts, it is expected that the study will offer information that will allow further clarification of policy to bring public perceptions into closer alignment with the reality of information terrorism activities.

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