Sample Essay

The idea is plain and simple, and the focus is on maximizing start up costs.  The combination of lease financing for the shop rent and capital of thirty thousand should cover for the start up costs.  Along with a physical store opening in the local marketplace, a virtual online storefront is also planned.  The web has fast become an essential part of business, and it helps in increasing the sales as it reaches buyers that are hard to reach, for example disabled people.  “People with disabilities can have more effective and efficient access to information through accessible Web sites “(Henry 2005).

This is just an example of using a website.  Another idea incorporated is using a professional Accountant.  This will reduce the costs significantly along with having other advantages.  “When you use someone with the knowledge that an accountant has, it just makes sense to start off right and make sure you’re complying with state and federal laws” (Fischer n.d).  Therefore, the initial idea is to have two mediums of accessibility using the web and the local marketplace.

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