Sample Essay

Negotiations that go on in business dealings involve the meeting between two parties with similar or conflicting interests. They try to come to an agreement on matters that that interest the two of them. In this study, the negotiation that goes on between parties happens based on discourse and situated activity. These negotiations happen in concrete social settings constructed in an interaction manner (Michniuk, 2010).  The negotiation process that ensues in business dealings happen through a process divided into three stages namely pre-negotiation, negotiation and post-negotiation. Factors such as culture, context and strategy inform the content of the whole negotiation process.

A meeting becomes a cross-cultural encounter when it involves parties from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. In such an encounter, the parties involved have different ways of understanding the process of negotiation because their norms, attitudes and value systems differ (Michniuk, 2010). The communication that goes on between parties of the same linguistic and cultural background, one party can make reasonable assumptions based on his personal experiences. However, it becomes difficult when the process involves two parties that come from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. One cannot just form assumptions because their contexts differ in a wide perspective (Michniuk, 2010).

The context plays a significant role because in a business dealing that involves nonnative speakers, people must put different factors into consideration when involving in a business communication. Business communication that involves nonnative speakers does not involve the communication aspect only (Michniuk, 2010). The communication process involves a myriad of factors such as socioeconomic status, gender, regional variations and age. All this play an essential role in the communication process. This explains the significance of the context of communication in business dealings. Miscommunication in business dealings by nonnative speakers brings up the importance of understanding spoken discourse particularly in business language (Michniuk, 2010). Many researchers have become interested in business language, in the international context. The negotiation situations involve linguistic choices that determine the nature of the relationship between the participants involved in the negotiation process (Creswell, 2003).

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