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The first step of this study is to analyse the business profiles and market background of the cases from Enterprise Ireland (2003) and Adam and O’Doherty (2000)’s findings and to identify the key strategic justification behind the ERP initiative among the firms studied.

The findings from the case studies of Enterprise Ireland (2003) (as tabulated in Table 5.1) reveal that the main driving forces behind the ERP project were efficiency, improvement in the customer service level and marketing of their existing products. The reasons for these business goals could be due to stiff competitive market in which the SME was operating (Company AEI) and the high demand from the customers for a faster & efficient access to their products and stock levels (Companies BEI & CEI). This situation increased the demand for a web-enabled ERP in SMEs which could abridge the gap between the customers and the internal operations of the company.

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