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Overall, buyer power is moderate.” (‘Global Carbonated Soft Drinks Industry Profile’, 2007)Aside from this amongst its own markets, the Coca Cola Company is strong in the Latin American region. The company has a distribution network which “that reaches approximately 1.7 million points of sale across nine countries in Latin America.

The company is a subsidiary of FEMSA, which also owns both the second largest brewery and the largest convenience store chain in Mexico, which further strengthens its market position. Strong market position of the company enables it to attract new customers and generate additional revenues for the company.”  (‘Coca-Cola FEMSA SWOT Analysis’, 2007)

The following table depicts the top ten brands categories in order of market dominance and geographic presence in the global market. Coca Cola is depicted as the moist geographically dominant brand.

The revenues of the company have been increasing in this region on a 19 percent every year which is a huge achievement for the company. This has been the main contributor to the top line growth of the company.

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