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Buying or purchasing is an action which involves finance and decision makers who intend to inject money into some venture expect to get high rate of return on their investments. For this purpose they carry out thorough research in knowing the Pro’s and Con’s of making an investment on that venture so that a picture could be sketched that what benefits can be extracted by making investment and what could possibly be the flaws and negative impact of making an investment (Wiedemann, 2008, p. 106).

Investing finance on purchasing a running a Cyber Café is another venture which requires large sum of money. Finance is required in purchasing the land or the place for the Cyber café plus money has to be injected in purchasing computer systems that are installed in the Cyber café. Apart from that, maintenance of the computer systems installed in the Cyber Café is another expense that has to be borne by the business that goes ahead in taking over a running business (Reynolds, J, p. 109).

The factors that are highly involved considering a takeover of a running cyber café in Hamilton, New Zealand are as follows:

  • Location of the Cyber Café
  • Number of customers/clients in the locality
  • Property value and tax
  • Crime rate
  • Government Assistance
  • Infrastructure in form of Internet Facility
  • Cost of Purchasing Internet Service

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