Sample Essay

Campaign advertising specifically determines the section or type of population which is to be targeted.

If the print media is selected for advertising, it is important to know how much percentage of the population will be addressed by a magazine which is published monthly.

In case the childhood obesity is a challenge the targeted audience will be parents. It will be determined how much percentage of total population of parents read that magazine and how many mothers stay at home who will take care of the obese children. If such statistics is to be taken into consideration the target of the advertising campaign will be young mothers whose behavior and attitude will be taken into consideration at the time of preparing and launching the campaign.

Out of the total population the percentage that reads a particular magazine a big percentage constitutes women and probability of successful campaigning is very high. Considering the price of advertising in the magazine, the message will get too much exposure worth more than the price. Also the frequency will increase if it is read multiple times by the targeted readers.

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