Sample Essay

There are two arguments in favor that the mind and body are really distinct. The first argument is that we have a clear and distinct understanding of the body as an extended, non-thinking thing and of the mind as a thinking, non-extended thing. So these ideas are clearly and distinctly understood to be opposite from one another and, therefore, each can be understood all by itself, without the other and vice versa.
Two points should be mentioned here. Firstly, the claim that these perceptions are clear and distinct indicates that the mind cannot help but believe them true, and so they must be true for otherwise God would be a deceiver, which is impossible. As a result, the premises of this argument are firmly rooted in the foundation of this theory for absolute certain knowledge. Secondly, it further indicates that we know that God can create body and mind in the way that they are being clearly and distinctly understood. Therefore, the body can exist without the mind and vice versa (Wilson, 1972).

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