Sample Essay

The zone has been declared a dead zone and those fish that have been able to survive suffer from severe reproductive disorders. “John Shaw of Environment Canada calls it “a spill in slow motion,” because contaminants deposited in the Sherman Inlet as far back as the 19th century are spreading outward and leaching up into the harbor water. ‘The more diffuse it gets, the more difficult it becomes to implement solutions’, he warns. (Oliphant, 2007)

The proposed solution that has been passed by the authorities and the governments is to cap the toxins. “The cap-and-contain approach appears to compare favorably with the inherently messy alternative of dredging heavily contaminated sediment and taking it to a hazardous landfill site. In the preferred approach, a berm would be built around the reef and the sediment would be covered with clean fill. The proposed facility would offer the further potential benefit of containing contaminated sediment dredged from other parts of the harbor.” (‘Cap on Randle reef is a Practical Solution’, 2007) the critics however are against this option as the option would essentially be a land fill of toxic waste. Constant and expensive monitoring would be required. Aside from this the areas of the harbor would have to be filled in destroying the environment of the regions.

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