Sample Essay

In addition, Bowdin et al. (2011) agree with Alves et al. (2010) that events could help to encourage travellers to travel to destinations and it could also help to increase number of travellers to visit destinations when it is the low tourism demand season. Therefore, they explain more about this by giving two examples of events that happen in Edinburgh and Blackpool. Edinburgh launched the new Capital Christmas Winter Festival by extending the traditional New Year Hogmanay celebrations in 2001.

The purpose of launching this event was because they wanted to bring more tourists to visit their city in the off-season winter months. Another example is in Blackpool city. Blackpool uses the Pleasure Beach for events to attract tourists to visit their city and this could be opportunity for them to show that Blackpool offers a wide number of attractions and activities for tourists to see and take part in. Therefore, this could help them to keep tourists staying longer to explore the place.

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