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In ensuring that all principles of durable development and fair trade are met Advertising Effectiveness has the power to influence the mind, to persuade and shape destiny. It has the power to change markets and improve profit margins. 33, 35 Producers should therefore effectively communicate the brand downstream from the direct customer without creating unmanageable friction with that customer, who may perceive the ingredient brand building effort as inevitably reducing their profit margins. 23, 27, 30

In addition, advertising has short-term power of conveying new information, building awareness and enhancing credibility.33 Given the power of advertising, suppliers should ensure that they have met the following; craft a sound strategy for its brand, which is based on facts and never self-delusion or just mare wishful thoughts. 21, 24; they should also use the pretesting results as a manual guide nonetheless; they should not become slaves to outdated old trends 6 They have to read all of the open-ended questions carefully. The producers can also help improve themselves in upstream differentiation so as to build their own better “action standards” over time. 9, 16 As they test every execution in their order, it will be made easier for them to note what works and what doesn’t work. 28 Some of the rough indicators which may help producers in getting started with a testing program include rapid positive response to any negative market feedback.14, 31

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