The above mentioned activities can be time consuming and energy draining. Most caregivers, especially the informal ones, are usually unaware that they are providing caregiving services to their loved ones. It is more like a natural duty to them, just as one would cook for their family. Moreover, the people around them never seem to think that caregivers can be over-burdened and fatigued if their needs are not met.

Instead of being a joy to one for helping another human being survive, it can turn out to be a traumatic experience that can easily breed depression and stress. This is especially true for caregivers of seniors with degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s whereby in its end stage, a sufferer is totally helpless and dependent even for small tasks such as going to the bathroom. Caregivers are therefore very important individuals in society who need our support and assistance even as they carry out this noble job of taking care of our senior citizens. They need to know that we appreciate what they do.

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