Sample Essay


Employees are regarded as the key assets of an organization as they are the ones that are involved in formulating plans to be implemented in the organization. In other words, important processes like planning of projects, organizing resources, coordinating with other employees to work efficiently and commanding the overall processes and projects are all carried forward by the employees working in different layers of the organization. This clearly shows how important employees are for an organization and for its overall success (Philip, 2008).

In order to utilize the human resource of an organization, it is pretty important for an organization’s Human resource department to conduct training for its workforce so that the current employees are able to enhance and polish their skills in such a way that they become involved in efficient production for the organization to achieve its objectives. If trainings are conducted for employees frequently then it not only benefits the organization in a way that the employees become efficient and more productive but it also motivates the employees and makes them feel positive about the company investing on them to polish their skills. Hence, training programs should become essential part of employee development and must be conducted frequently to raise the efficiency and productivity of the employees. Even the employees of an organization must be briefed frequently about the effectiveness of such training programs so that they take ample interest in them and come up to the expectations of the organization in the best way possible.

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