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In the year 2006, the UK government tried to intervene by apportioning a quota for non-faith students in a faith school. However, strong antagonism from the religious groups stopped this design from materializing. The Roman Catholic archbishop of Birmingham and the chairman of the Catholic Education Service, Vincent Nichols condemned this interventionary strategy by calling it “ill-thought-out, unworkable, contradictory of empirical evidence and deeply insulting of the reality and achievements of Catholic schools.” (, 2006) Following this discourse, the bishops agreed on establishing a voluntary quota for students from non-belief backgrounds.

It was witnessed in a school in Sheffield in 2009 that Muslims students were receding from the school assembly and setting up small private congregations of their own. Some school policies are not even in accordance with the student’s life after school and this has provoked a lot of parents who concede that their children should be brought up righteously. During special periods like Ramadan and ceremonial holidays, these students request for special considerations and the school management finds it discriminatory to treat them separately. Even the appeal for a separate prayer room was censured by the management. An incident in the same school narrates that while a Muslim child was forcefully put to participate in a Nativity play; his antagonized father broke in a row with the faculty and became severely hostile to this action of theirs’. Actions such as playing musical instruments and girls showing their bare parts of flesh are also condemned by the Muslim population which has made it difficult for the management of the school to deal with such sensibilities. (The Independent, 2009)

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