Sample Essay

Workplace discrimination causes various physical and psychological breakdowns. Victims often tend to complain of unnecessary fatigue, stress due to constant demoralization and prejudiced environment, frustration as a result of injustice at the corporate level and most often victims of workplace discrimination end up leaving the job in hopelessness or continue being the victims of discrimination so long as they choose to remain associated to that particular field or firm.

Lack of motivation from colleagues on one hand and lack of support to take a stand for the prejudiced wage gap from the authorities on the other hand have been reported to be the possible causes for the female and culturally diverse workforce to remain a victim of workplace discrimination to date

Thus authorities in charge must take appropriate action to curb this professional as well as a social dilemma. According to sources, “as the United States demographic canvas continues to change, students in fields such as family studies, child development, social work, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and other fields will be expected to understand the importance of cultural diversity. Future helping professionals will be expected to be active participants in serving culturally diverse individuals, families and groups” (Anguiano and Harrison, p.1). Diversity is a fact that person has to accept. Even school-going children are aware of the differences that persist in our society at large, which makes them even more prejudiced and suspicious towards people of different backgrounds. In order to make people feel comfortable while working with others and appreciating the differences that persist between them, it is essential for them to be taught multiculturalism.

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