Sample Essay


Having a baby is perhaps one of the most happy and even the most important event that takes place in the life of a woman. Even though the birth of the baby is an exciting and enthralling event, it can also turn out to be pretty stressful and difficult for women. Most women go through the changes without much problems, but on the other hand there are some women who go through significant complication that at times even remains with the woman and turns into what is called postpartum psychiatric disorder The depression through which certain women undergo after child birth is known as postpartum depression, which is basically an intricate combination of bodily, emotional, and changes in the body that take place in a mother after the birth of the baby.
The condition is very serious and a number of women are affected by it. It is said that postpartum depression is very different as compared to baby blues and postpartum psychosis. As science proves, “The baby blues can happen in the days right after childbirth and normally go away within a few days to a week. A new mother can have sudden mood swings, sadness, crying spells, loss of appetite, sleeping problems, and feel irritable, restless, anxious, and lonely. Symptoms are not severe and treatment isn’t needed. The difference between postpartum depression and the baby blues is that postpartum depression often affects a woman’s well-being and keeps her from functioning well for a longer period of time. Postpartum depression needs to be treated by a doctor. Postpartum psychosis is rare. A woman may have rapid mood swings, from depression to irritability to euphoria” (Roca, 2005).

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