Sample Essay

The causes of gouty arthritis are many. Genetics may play a character in shaping a person’s risk, due to the fact that up to 18% of people with gout have a family history of the disease. Another fact is the gender of a person as this type of arthritis is more common in men as compared to women and more common in adults than in children.

Being overweight adds up to the risk of gout due to the fact that there is more tissue accessible for turnover or breakdown, which leads to surfeit uric acid production. Excessive drinking of alcohol can lead to hyperuricemia because it impedes with the taking away of uric acid from the body. Eating too many foods that have excessive purines can cause or intensify gout in some people. An enzyme imperfection that interferes with the way the body smashes down purines causes gout in a diminutive number of people, out of whom a number have a family history of gout. Disclosure to lead in the environment can root gout. A number of people who take specific medicines or have certain surroundings are at risk for having high intensity of uric acid in their body fluids (Eustice, 2006).

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