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The most certain cause of postpartum depression has not yet been asserted, even though a number of theories have been put forward by experts. Three factors have been put forward by experts, which they believe play a major role in the occurrence of postpartum depression in women. These are divided into the physical, emotional changes and the influence of the way of life of the mother.
Physical changes include changes in hormonal levels, .Many experts believe that the hormonal changes that occur within the body of a woman during and after pregnancy are the main cause of postpartum depression. They say so because of the behavioral and attitude changes that takes place in women who are not pregnant every month because of the hormonal changes. Here it is believed that the hormones of the woman keep rising steadily during the entire nine months of pregnancy before they suddenly drop down after birth. These hormonal levels continue dropping down till they reach the normal pre-pregnancy level because of which women feel “emotionally frail” after the birth of the baby. This in some women leads to the development of postpartum depression. Another factor that is said to have played a role in the mood swings is the “Changes in the blood levels of adrenal steroids such as cortisol and aldosterone occur in the postpartum period. Researchers believe there could be a link between these changes and the frequency with which women experience mood changes in the postpartum period. Even though the causes of postpartum depression have yet to be pinpointed, research appears to link this disorder to the brain’s neurotransmitters, which are directly responsible for how we feel and are influenced by hormonal and situational factors” (Neubauer, 2006). Hence it can be deduced that the most agreeable explanation or the most valid cause of postpartum depression is the hormonal changes within the body and the changes in the blood levels of adrenal steroids. Another possible cause for post-partum depression is said to below self-esteem of the mother along with the stress of taking care of a child.

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