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An assessment of this plan is as follows, according to the criteria delineated by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention in its document entitled Public Health Infrastructure. (CDC) In fact, this program is an initiative of the CDC itself, as part of its State Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Programs funded by the US Congress.

Regarding the workforce, this program has partnered with the State Board of Health, State Department of Health, American Heart Association, the Community Development Service, Departments of Education, Parks and Recreation etc. to ensure that all concerned individuals and departments are involved. Thus it includes competent leaders, policy makers, scientists, physicians and funding agencies in its plan. This workforce is not only skilled, but local, thereby ensuring that cultural sensibilities and language is not a barrier towards dissemination of information and policy implementation.

Regarding communication and data gathering, the project is up to date as well. Its comprehensive Stroke Registry, Heart/Stroke Maps and Legislative Database all ensure that timely and accurate surveillance is done and the data compiled on an easily accessible medium to enable its users to make succinct analysis that will influence further action plans and policies.

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