In as much as the Middle Eastern countries have for a long time been branded as the central base for the acts of terrorism in the world, it is just but a few individuals who conduct these acts of terror in the country.

Thus, the global powers should not lock the countries out of the Security Council for this reason. The Middle Eastern countries have got every right to be part of the global Security Council and be given a chance to help fight terrorism domestically. This way, the countries will be creating peace both globally and domestically.

The people of the West and the Middle East have got several cultural differences. While the people of the West are more modernized and have adopted the western culture, the people in the Middle East are reserved. They value their traditional culture a lot. Thus, bringing together these two cultures and conducting cultural exchanges between them would create a platform for learning from one another, thus bringing cohesion and peace (Robert & Ikeda, 2006).

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