Peter Vyas introduced the following three main changes to address the challenges facing Filtration unit of ART: treatment for water, recruiting competent people and raising company hopes for filtration unit (Case: p.6). Peter Vyas helped in encouraging the relief activities of NGO which were helpful in treatment of water and storage. Both public and private fish ponds, tanks and ballast water were treated and stored well in 2006.Too much power was used but Peter encouraged such activities to be carried out as Indians followed their initial prototypes (Case: p.5).

Being a good manager Peter Vyas appointed and retained good people to his unit. He appointed Cynthia Jackson as the vice president of water management who put much effort in analysis and planning for the success of the filtration unit after launching second generation system with the oxidation team. Lastly on lifting company hopes, Vyas build workers in different regions to be highly motivated. He assisted in skill management, moral support and day to day activities to help workers concentrate on their tasks thus improving the image of the filtration company. Vyas deeds made the company to feel worth and able though the results could not show that thus motivating workers.

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