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The other weakness of Deustche Bank would be to adopt to the Asian culture and the practices that are adopted in Asia Pacific region. Having a pro European culture, Deustche bank is famous all over the Europe for its special care towards its clients mainly consisting of Europe but when expanding overseas i.e. in Singapore region, the bank will certainly have to mould its cultural practices that are favorable in Asian region. This would be little tough for the bank as introducing new policies due to different culture can turn out to be a tough task. Therefore cultural difference can be a weakness too.

There might be several other clients who might assume that the bank might be able to cater European trends well but not the Asian trends hence they might be reluctant to bank with Deutsche Bank. In brief there will be certain strengths the bank will be having while operating in Singapore where as there will also be weaknesses too which would be associated while penetrating in to Singapore.

Duestche Bank’s weakness can be its time taking span to adjust in the new region. It will be slow in terms of counter the competition which already exists in the Singapore region. This can give a threat to the bank from the competitors. Reaching the banking clients can be the weakness too for the Bank as it is hard to target the right segment when a bank penetrates into the new market.

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