Sample Essay

Another problem in measuring team performance may be to measure whether team members are effectively managing rapidly changing situations in a patient’s health. Not all team members may have the ability to grasp and match the demands of emergencies whereas they are not bad health care providers at all. Wouldn’t it be unfair to rate their performance as poor just because of a weak personality trait.

Yet another problem that I think I might face is to rate the performance of team members who do not have the ability to work in co-ordination with other team members. Some members do not show acceptance of all other team members which gives rise to a tens working atmosphere and may lead to some uncalled for situations. However again, here it is not the competency of the provider that is weak, it is his ability. Should that be counted as a negative?
Moreover it is quite a challenge to measure a team member’s personal motivation level as well as identify reasons for his de motivation (if any).some healthcare providers are competent enough to perform a certain medical procedure but are just not willing to spend a lot of time on their patient.

Since providing health to patients is the primary concern, targets or results to be produced are not always stated hence making it all the more difficult to measure performance. Even if targets are given for instance, the target may not be quantifiable for e.g. how healthy did the patient get…that is quite tough to measure.

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