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Frail older adults are people who most significantly consume the health resources these days. The article under consideration that is “Challenges and solutions for care of frail adults” provides an overview of the health care issues that one has related to frail older adults and concentrates on the impact of infirmity on the future health care system. The article also puts forward information about the challenges for future care and the creative solutions that are under observation and certain suggestions that should be considered for future nursing priorities. According to the article, “while frail older adults constitute a minority within their own age cohort, they are disproportionately represented as the majority of consumers within the health care system and as recipients of nursing care. They have a higher frequency of primary care visits, consume 50% of all hospital care, use over 80% of home care services, and occupy 90% of all nursing home beds in the United States” (Young, 2003) and the costs for health care are rising by a complete 5.6% annually.

According to the article, public funds do not cover all health expenses that occur in late life. These funds are given to people who fulfill certain criteria. According to the budget put forward by The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the expenses that were spent on long-term care came down to nearly $120 billion in 2000, out of which  only 59% of the expenses were covered by the public funds and substantial expenses were left for individuals to take care of. According to the article, the expenses that are now being taken care of, of the older are nearly 80% which “make a substantial contribution” and the older adults can now receive up to $90,000 for taking care of their medical expenses in their late life.

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