Sample Essay

Ford and General Motors both are considered to be pioneers in the United States Automobile Industry. However, while General Motors has filed for bankruptcy, Ford has still not done so but is being expected to do so any time. This serves to show that even companies that were in the Big Three did not manage to survive the crisis and were perhaps the ones most badly hit.

In light of this fact, it is evident that these companies shall experience an extensive degree of change in the future. Both companies shall engage in an extensive degree of change that will be nothing less than revolutionary in every right. They shall reorganize their operations and there is a chance that external operations that are outside the United States shall be shut down in certain cases. There is also the chance that Ford and General Motors may very well re-engage many of their currently suspended expansion operations as the implications of the current crisis decline and eventually come to an end. However, it would be reasonable to surmise that none of Ford or General Motors will choose to function at their maximum capacities until they are absolutely sure of their standings and observe stability as a consistent part of the equation.

Both companies can be expected to engage in extensive change management in order to support advanced degrees of total quality management combined with lean management principles in the future. Human resource policies with respect to wages and retirement plans came rather prominently on the discussion table during the crisis because of the inability of many companies to sustain retirement and benefit programs. While some automotive manufacturers chose suspend benefit employee programs altogether, others attempted to strike deals with worker unions to ensure that no negative sentiment prevailed. It can therefore be expected that both companies shall attempt to revised human resource polices by the time they come out of the current crisis.

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