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The world is being connected increasingly by a variety of communication and information sharing devices alternatively called the new media devices and digital technology. It would be possible for an organisation to carry out almost all the business functions by using the computer, the Internet and such new media devices and digital technology. New media technology includes Internet TV, handheld devices, smartphones and other such media. This is a sector where new technology is often created and made obsolete in a short time. This thesis would examine how leadership of organisations can create change management strategies using digital technologies. The thesis would help entrepreneurs and students to understand how change management can be implemented more effectively through digital media. The proposal is structured as follows: Aims and objectives for the research are presented and answers to various questions in the pro-forma are then given.

McDonalds has taken up the ‘Forever Young’ exercise to redesign the restaurants and this is a change management effort that the restaurant has brought in. The fast food restaurant says that change management, remodelling and redesign are meant to create a new image to cater to the new generation of customers (Design Woo, November 2010).


The research aims to understand the extent to which new digital technologies can enhance change management initiatives and how organisation leaders can make use of these technologies. The goal here is to find out the nature of change management requirements and if by adopting new media and digital technology, change management initiatives can be implemented more rapidly and efficiently.


Some important objectives have been framed for the thesis and are given as below. These will be answered during the course of research.
• To determine change management principles and implementation
• To research the different types of new media tools available and how they are deployed by organisations
• To assess areas for improvement and delivery of change management initiatives. The organisation leadership should be able to make use of the new media tools and digital technology in their organisations with specific focus on change management
• To conduct a survey and research among managers in McDonald’s OR any other organisation and obtain their views and perceptions of using digital media for change management implementation and delivery
• To propose recommendations for strategy leaders in adopting these methods and process

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