Sample Essay

Shakespeare describes the character of Hamlet as a gloomy and depressed who was extremely cynical and sardonic. He hated his uncle Claudius because he was responsible for his father King Hamlet’s death. Hamlet was full of hatred for his mother as well because of her sexuality since she married Claudius immediately after the King’s death. Hamlet was an intellectual person but was extremely indecisive and uncertain. His impulsive, irrational and unreasonable acts often created problems for him.
The author has given an impersonal account of all characters and has crafted the characters as being pushed by the storm of revengeful emotions for one another.  According to Hamlet himself he was a philosophical, thoughtful and a normal person who was a student in a University. He loved his father and hated his mother since she married his uncle Claudius who killed the King. He was in love with Ophelia and considered only Horatio as his close friend. He was a cynical person so he found faults in every person around him. Others considered Hamlet to be erratic, melancholic, mad, disturbed, depressed, troubled, full of hatred for the world and cynical. His mind starts playing games with him since all he thinks of is ways to avenge his father’s murder and kill Claudius. He had begun to lose his senses under this stress. All he wanted was revenge and had become unreasonably harsh.
Hamlet is a tragedy and it’s a true depiction of how things can go wrong unexpectedly even when we do not call for them. Life is uncertain and fate plays strange games with us. There is a lesson to be learnt from this story that murder, hatred, feuds and revenge brings all to a dead end that is destruction and death.

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