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However too many unnecessary reviews and control checkpoints built into a project can have an adverse impact on the timelines and overall flow of things.( Philip, Bothell & Snead 2009, pp. 290-310) Instead of increasing the chances of a successful implementation multiple phase gate reviews can actually suffocate the progress of a project and create more problems instead of solutions. In addition to this, reviews of this kind result in a loss of precious man hours and resources and also provide opportunities for unnecessary input, which can cause other problems such as politics and posturing within the team. ( Dow, William 2009, pp. 500-511)

To sum it up, PRINCE2 like all other methodologies needs to be applied in a selective manner. It is the responsibility of the project stakeholders to assess and decide which methodology to adopt keeping in view the nature and complexities of the project.

Having said this it should be kept in mind that PRINCE2 is one of the most tried and tested methodologies available today. Most of the material, including processes and documentation is freely available and not very difficult to adapt either. Another big advantage of PRINCE2 is the success of this approach in the public and private domains.

Finally, the PRINCE2 project management methodology requires an extensive amount of paper work and documentation to be maintained on the part of the project manager. Although project documentation can be described as the footprint of a project and success of any project is reflected in the quality of documents produced by the team. Documentation requirements in PRINCE2 are more directed towards the Program Management Office (PMO) or in some case the project board or steering committee. The result is that the project manager may spend more time in documenting and listing his progress and activities rather than actually implementing them. In effect this creates a tendency to plan about plans. Additionally since the audience for the documentation is mostly the PMO or project steering committee it allows the project manager to easily shift the blame and responsibility in case of failures. (Garton, Colleen 2009, pp. 600-610)

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