Sample Essay

The Bible has many characters who are like the Arabs, for instance Jephthal is more an Arab than an Israelite, his sacrifice of his daughter is parallel to the Arabian Custom. This parallel shows that Arabia had a lot of influence on the Bible and it is the back ground of Hebrew religion. The basic one theme is that God is the Creator and maker of all that is in the Universe,  in  the Genesis chapter one it is said all flesh is not the same, men have one kind of flesh,  animals have another and birds have another and fish have  another ,God has given body to  all and has given different flesh to all.

God is the starter of time, space, life of man and animals, God’s sovereignty is over all things, birds relate to the world in different manner than do the plants, man reacts differently to God than do the animals. This is Biblical difference that is core of all that is made by the creator. The Bible is the Truth that we all accept it.  The Bible relates all that God does or orders to be done these are the parallels of Near Eastern cultures. The Hebrew Bible has strong parallel to the Ancient near East cultures. Mesopotamian culture is present in the Bible, evidences show that cultural ideas   and customs are present in the Bible and literature of the Bible is dependent on the literatures of the dominant cultures this is evident to Old Testament customs and traditions, Bible has been dependent on revelations and inspirations thus there are many similarities and differences that are seen in the Bible and the Near Eastern parallels. The study of literature of the Near East is necessary in order to make the cultural values; the Bible is influenced by these cultures. The culture of the Near East is parallel to the Biblical culture.

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