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In Scotland, the Chartered Teacher Award is a way of giving an incentive to teachers to focus on their professional development. Attainment of this award makes them eligible to receive about 20% extra pay. Whether the certification impacts teacher’s work or the student’s achievements is yet to be analyzed as the project is in its early stages (Ingvarson, Kleinhenz & Wilkinson, 2007). However, a 2005 report quoted by Ingvarson, Kleinhenz & Wilkinson, (2007) suggested that there are mixed feelings about the program’s effectiveness. It has been highlighted that of the 20,000 teachers who meet the criteria of obtaining the award only 2,500 participated and the reason for non participation have been the cost of the program, the time and effort required and the “academic” focus of the program. Some teachers also believed that the reward was not worth the effort. The GTCS (General Teaching Council for Scotland) however believed that there was sufficient anecdotal evidence that the program improved the practice and performance of teachers who participated (Ingvarson, Kleinhenz & Wilkinson, 2007).
Salary increases or bonuses are offered to teachers in most states in the USA who obtain the National Board Certification. For example, Wisconsin offers USD 500 one-time bonus, Idaho offers USD 2000 per year over 5 years and Nevada offers one time 5% salary increase (Carmon, n.d.). In California National Board certified teachers are offered USD 20,000 bonus over a period of 4 years if they move to disadvantaged schools (Ingvarson, Kleinhenz & Wilkinson, 2007).

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