Sample Essay

The sky’s the limit when we are put in a situation where we have to choose between the best, decide on the price and figure out what brand would be the most feasible to purchase cheerleading shoes. Though most teams dwell considerable amount of thought in the art and design of issues, factors such as comfort and price should be given enough for thought.

Are the shoes big or heavy? Do they have enough padding and support? Etc are some of the main questions that must be attended to before finally zeroing down on one.

The average price of cheerleading shoes varies from $50 to $60. One should thus, consider if it falls within their price range. Are they sturdy enough to last them a year at least. Ergo, plenty of time can be taken to select the best shoe on the block in the process. The quality, sport and construction of the shoe can make a huge difference between a sprained ankle and safety conscious cheering.  Even then, if one’s unsure of what to wear and how to go about it, advice may be sought from the school’s physician or advisor or representatives from various companies. For instance a team that is meant to perform partner stunts and pyramids will have to select a show that will be different from a team that never has to perform any of these aforementioned functions. However canvas shoes that offer no support are a big no for cheerleaders. The risk is too dangerous to be taken up. Nonetheless cheerleading shoes should always be light and flexible. Most cheerleading shoes are available in the market with color cards.

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