Sample Essay

The glass and a bowl full of ice cubes were placed next to each other. The water contained in the glass was clear and had glassy texture and was mildly cold with a layer of water vapors formed outside the glass due to condensation blocking the view through the glass. It tasted a little bit sweet and nothing could be heard from it. The ice cubes on the other hand seemed like solid block of dull white solid substance with some cubes fuming. They felt extremely cold when touched. Both water and ice cubes had no smell. The mood at that time was noted to be unsure and feeling like going on a long boring ride (E How Website, 2010).

 As the first cube was put into the water, it had already become wet due to melting and when dropped in water increased its level in the glass slightly. After few moments, the ice cube started becoming transparent from sides with bubbles clearly seen coming out from the side. On closer observation, popping sounds could be heard. The popping sounds continued as long as the ice cube continued to melt, with the transparent area gradually increasing in size while the size of the cube reduced. The centre of the cube seemed to be made up of a large numbers of bubbles and it seems they were released as the ice cube melted. On the outside of the glass, the layer of water vapor thickened after 2 minutes of the first cube being dropped in the water and water drops could be seen streaking down the sides to the foot of the glass. When the first cube was completely melted the second cube was put in. At this moment, the temperature of the water in the glass was felt which was noted to be significantly colder then the initial temperature. A phenomenon similar the first one was observed when the second ice cube started melting. The water remained clear while popping sound could be heard. Water became colder and its level also rose further. With only 10 minutes gone, the thought most prominent in the mind was that the experiment is going to be a long ride. By that time boredom has started affecting the mind with random shifts of concentration from the glass to other objects in the surrounding (E How Website, 2010).

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