Sample Essay

It is a controversial statement, but in most situations Criminal Justice system is dominated by the attitudes of people involved in crime. In China, Shandong province, two murder cases were filed. Both victims were murdered by family members. In one of the cases, the convict was saved from death penalty according to the Criminal Justice Policy, where efforts were being made to limit the implementation of death penalties. Yet the family members of the victim insisted upon strict punishment for the convict.

They carried out heavy demonstrations outside the court and ultimately the high court of Shandong Province was made to sentence the convict to death. On the contrary, in the second murder case the defendant had killed his wife and mother in law. According to Chinese Criminal Law, two murders cases are considered to be a very serious crime, and the culprit is liable to a death penalty immediately. Yet his death penalty was exercised after two years on grounds that his son was very young and had lost his mother already (Otto,2002) .

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