Sample Essay

Since introduction of automobiles, their demand has rapidly increased as people tend to prefer travelling through their own vehicles rather than using public transport. Although the prices of new cars have been touching the sky i.e. the prices are too high to be afforded by the normal people and have left no other option for mediocre people to go for used cars as an option.
Christchurch car sales Centre is one of the leading outlets in the New Zealand that has been dealing in selling second hand cars to the automobile lovers. Hence it has requested for a research to be carried out that focuses on what are customer views and concerns when they are going for buying a second hand car.
The research has to be extensive and must focus on few areas such as customers are more concerned whether they are going to receive after sales service or not. Customers are more comfortable if they go for a brand that is more popular among the market and they have not listened to any bad remarks or reviews from people regarding that particular brand. Brand preference remains to those ones that have a very nice resale value. Although all these factors that are mentioned makes sense but buyers are more concerned about their budget and like to go for a car that is not beyond their reach but sticks to the budget they have drafted.

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