Sample Essay

Geisler and Feinberg have understood the fact that some of the principles and main beliefs of philosophy are adversative to Christian doctrine. Still they believe and make other also fall for the fact that this is no reason to eradicate oneself from the study of philosophy. This is rather hypocritical. Knowing that some of the beliefs of philosophy are opposite to the beliefs of the Christian doctrine and ignoring it is just not acceptable.  What has been presented in the book is that instead, as Christians, they have called to take every thought incarcerated to Christ, and said that we need to scrutinize philosophy, and to prove false its errors where and when they occur. What the authors further portray is that we then need to put forward justification for the legitimacy of the Christian worldview, founded on accepted philosophical standards.

A very critical comment about the book is that it presents “Suggested Readings” that go way back to the days of Plato, Kant etc. at the end of every chapter the authors provide a list of readings as suggested material, but apart from these primary sources, they have put forward suggestions of reading books that are now completely out-dated and one cannot find them even if one tries. Yet another missing point is a list of annotated bibliography which would have helped people understand the references and their points even better.

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