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  The book under consideration is on the whole a medium level introduction to western philosophy from a conventional Christian point of view. Philosophy is just about always biased and is always done from some sort of partiality to some degree or another. Even though the book has a definite slant towards the Christian belief, it is still pretty good to start to understand philosophy for a bit. The book is good only if you are Christian and only wish to know about the philosophers of the Western world. The book should include philosophers from other times and areas. There is little information on Maimonides. The book discusses mysticism but totally neglects Averroes, Al-Ghazali, al-Arabi, Avicenna and other Muslim philosophers. The contributions made by these philosophers definitely outweigh that of the Maimonides. Their persuasion on early European philosophers of the medieval era is marvelous. The authors have simply made an effort to examine the Greek philosophers which was heavily used by St. Thomas Aquinas and others. This failure to notice, abandoning or being ignorant of Islamic philosophy deteriorates the book (Geisler and Feinberg, 1987).


      In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that even though the book under consideration namely, ““Introduction to Philosophy “A Christian Perspective”, which was written by two authors namely Norman Geisler and Paul Feinberg presents a Christian point of view, it has somehow failed to intake other philosophers who have worked harder in the field. Also, the references are outdated and can not be taken into consideration.

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