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The Chrysler Pacifia is a concept minivan which was designed to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the original minivan. It is a mixture of a minivan and a limousine and its interior is like that of a private jet.  It is available in five awesome colors. Its roof has a skylight and it also has overhead storage bins. It has the capacity to seat six people. The middle row of seats has power footrests as well.  It has the option of either a front wheel drive or an all wheel drive. It has been given five stars i.e the maximum number of stars for driver seat and passenger seat injury protection in case of a crash. It is spacious and comfortable from the inside.

Getting in and out of this car is simple even for those sitting in the last row. It comes equipped with an AM/Fm radio with six speakers and surround sound. It also has a golf bag rack in the trunk which has the ability to hold at least four golf bags. It gives the impression of being a sports car but actually is a car that can be used by almost anyone of any profession. All in all it is truly a luxury car. Chrysler was awarded as the most affordable car in the group of luxury cars recently. It has been observed that those people who want to buy an elegant looking car, but not one with the interior of a sporty, trendy, uncomfortable vehicle, rather one with the comfort of an SUV, would go for this car. Thus this gives it a strong position in the market. I , for one would love to have this car.

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